How NOT to Use the God Card

I think sometimes Christians use the God card inappropriately…

“God gave me this dream, so now I know I should date you.” (My response: God gave me a dream where I drank acid, so…?)

“God blessed me with a Christian family.” (Hm… So, if you don’t have a Christian family, God has cursed you?)

“I just don’t think God is calling me to do that.”  (Could be true… but could also just be an excuse.)

In class the other day, we discussed spiritual gifts, especially prophecy. I am seriously all for prophecy and all the spiritual gifts. I have experienced it numerous times and it has been very helpful and encouraging. I love it when God works in cool ways!

But at the same time, I don’t think that I am the only one who has had someone tell me “God told me to tell you” something that was either hurtful or just didn’t make any sense. It is people who use the God card this way that give the legit gifts of the spirit a bad rap.

Obviously, it’s easy to abuse the God card. Here are my thoughts on how to use it appropriately…

Unless it’s scripture, don’t claim your words are 100% certified God’s words.

The Bible is the WORD of God. So if you’re sharing scripture with someone, you can be certain that God said it. But if you have a ‘word’ for someone, even if you are sure it is from God, maybe don’t phrase it that way. You could say, “hey, I was praying, and I think this might be something God wants me to tell you…” or “I don’t know if this applies to you or not, but…”

Be humble.


It can come off very arrogant if you say “GOD has called me to this…” or “GOD told me to tell you…”. This is also a question of motives. Are you throwing that God card down to look spiritual? If so, stahp it!

Rely on the Holy Spirit.

The Bible is clear that God wants us to thrive in the power of the Holy Spirit! Acts 1:8 says “you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witness… to the ends of the earth”. If you are truly relying on the Holy Spirit, I believe you will be able to share with people freely, accurately, with love and compassion.  The more you rely on Him, the more it will happen!

Okay, so most of my thoughts are based on just that… my thoughts. You can take them or leave ’em. I pray that we can all use the God Card in ways that help, not hurt…





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