Thoughts From Da Bush

I was sitting in a bush the other day. By the other day, I mean summer. Like 6 months ago. My youth group was playing Manhunt, and I had found a particularly bushy bush to sit down and chill in. I stuck around for probably ten minutes and then, thinking that the game must be over, left the security of the bush only to be caught. 😦

But! Cooly enough, I had a profound moment sitting on the dirt with bugs crawling e’rywhere and branches in my face.

I noticed an ant climbing the wall beside me, and was immediately reminded of the proverb, “take a lesson from the ant, you lazy bones! Learn from their ways and become wise” (6v6).

I have been feeling rather lazy in my relationship with God lately. It amazes me how easy it is to take my eyes off of Jesus and just start to drift…

Currently I am at Bible School, where literally every class, assignment, and chapel is about God and the Bible. Shocking, I know, but it is SUPER easy to become lazy and take my relationship with God for granted.

I have recognized I process by writing… journaling and blogging especially. And I have not done a lot of blogging in the last year, due to craziness and laziness. SO, I am gonna make more of an effort to write again. 

That is all. I guess this is a blog to remind myself, and hopefully you, to just stahp being so lazy! Get antsy, as the proverb says!  




  1. Carolyn Penner · December 3, 2016

    Thanks for that reminder!


  2. Peter · December 4, 2016

    Very mature from someone so young! I sometimes feel the laziness part set in too.
    Keep blogging it up Kenny!!


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