So me and Becca’s backpacking ended with a wonderful two nights near Insbruck, Austria. We decided to treat ourselves to a hotel with a pool in the mountains, and it was so wonderful. The city itself was kind of a sketchy experience. We arrived on a Saturday evening quite late and decided to take a taxi to the hotel since it wasn’t in the city and we didn’t want to figure out buses late at night. 

 The next day we went back into town to figure out trains and do some shopping, but literally everywhere we walked was closed. We ended up on a street with a bunch of sex shops, so that was uncomfortable… 

    Needless to stay, we booked it out of there back to the hotel and had such a relaxing day, with some really good food at a restaurant close by. Oh, and ice-cream, of course.  

 I found out later that had we gone to another part of the city we would have found it to be a lot better and less sketchy.

We ended back in Switzerland for a few days, and then Becca left to go back to Canada and her grandparents brought me to the next chapter of my Europe adventure… L’Abrie.

L’Abrie is a chalet up in the mountains in the French part of Switzerland. Over twenty of us live in a big beautiful building and do chores and study and do life together. It’s kind of like a informal school, except people can stay as short or as long as they want and there’s no tests or papers. 

I’ve had some cool experiences here and met some awesome people. I went hitch hiking for the first time and learned some Scottish dances. We toured a cheese and chocolate museum, been to a castle, and went on a luge-coaster-like-thing. I got a motorcycle ride from a guy who looked like Jesus. We climbed up a mountain!  I DEFINETLY RECOMMEND GOING TO L’ABRIE!


           There’s a lot of folks from the southern States … I love how they say my name “Kindra” and bug me about saying “aboot”.

Now I’m sitting at my second last week in Europe, and it’s crazy to realize it’s almost over!

I’ve met so many cool people, ate amazing new foods, and had so many good, needed God-moments. 

One chapter is ending, and a new one will begin soon. I’m not quite certain what it will look like when I get back to Canada, so that brings some nervous anticipation.

One thing God has taught me is that I had some unrealistic expectations for myself. I realized that in the past, especially in the last year, I would beat myself up any time I messed up. So I wrote out what I expect from myself and found out that I pretty much expect myself to be Jesus… I expect perfection, and nothing less.

It’s brought me a lot of freedom and joy to realize that I am loved by God no matter what, and He doesn’t expect me to be perfect. When He looks at me, He sees His child, adopted, accepted, and loved. Our God’s grace is amazing!

See you guys soon,



One comment

  1. Betty Warkentin · November 6, 2015

    Thanks for sharing your pictures and some of your adventures with us. I would love to visit L’Abri but I don’t expect I will. Look forward to seeing you soon.


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