It has become me and Becca’s tradition to try pizza and ice-cream in every country we visit… Sometimes more than once.
So far, I must say other than the one meal in Paris, Italy has had my FAVOURITE food of life. 

We went to Pisa for two nights. The hostel was really sweet. It had the chillest atmosphere, and you could play their guitar and piano, and play pool and ping pong and buy cheap food from their bar.  

 We met a sweet German gal and hung out with her all day, which was so fun. We walked about the town and saw some sights, and ate scrumptious pasta and ice-cream. 


 At another time we tried some pizza, and it was quite strange. First of all, we thought they were personally sized. They were not. They also had very strange toppings. Becca had one with ham, olives, and artichokes. Mine had spicy salami, mushrooms, and “rocket salad”, which once warm tastes quite bitter and gross. 

Next up was Rome. We had another long walking day, seeing the Colosseum and Roman Forum. It was so crazy to be in the city where Paul and Peter were killed, where a book of the Bible was written to, and where it used to be illegal to be a Christian. We had wonderful pasta for lunch, one of the best burgers I’ve ever had for supper, and ice-cream 3 times that day. 😃

      We caught a night train that evening. It left at 10pm and arrived in Venice at 6:30am. Let’s just say that night trains are possibly one of the worst things. It is stinkin’ uncomfortable, and honestly I’m surprised I slept as much as I did. I was also not feeling the best, which didn’t help.

Venice before dawn is strange. You walk out of the train station to see the “street” shining in the moonlight… a canal of water.

The wifi didn’t work at the train station, so after the sun came up we walked (mainly over bridges!) until we found a small restaurant and had breakfast and wified. Small side note- they had the best hot chocolate in the entire universe. I had two cups.

Later we went on a gondola ride!!! It was such a cool experience. 


We had pizza in Venice, and it was amazing. We weren’t daring enough to have more crazy toppings, so we just had cheese.

Italy was so fun. Definitely more chaotic and unorganized than Germany/Switzerland. We thought German cities were hard to navigate… Well half the streets in Rome weren’t clearly labelled, which was challenging. And the drivers are maniacs.

The Italian accent is the coolest thing to behold. The movies don’t exaggerate!

A little bit of a plot twist… We decided to stay in Austria for two nights instead of Venice. You can read all about that in the next blog!



  1. Grandpa Z. · October 15, 2015

    Thanks, Kendra. Sounds interesting” (Are you gaining weight?!!)


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