Have you ever had it where your friends tell you about a movie and make it sound gooder than good? Like they tell you that it’s the best movie and make your expectations so high that when you watch it you get a major let down because it’s just not as good as you imagined? That is how Paris was for both Becca and I. 

France was quite wonderful, especially south. Paris, on the other hand, was overrated.

Now understand this: on our trip, we have been to mainly cities. We have been to a few cities that have a small town feel to them (which we love), but we are both getting to the point where we are appreciating Manitoba/Saskatchewan so much more.

I miss wide open spaces, people-free places, familiar faces, one language across a vast area, and “normal” foods. I never thought I would say that I missed Manitoba.

Okay, so we visited 3 cities in France, starting in Paris. Our hostel in Paris was quite sketchy, cramped and ugly, so we didn’t spend a lot of time there. Instead we walked for 9 hours in one day so we could see the sights, including the Eiffel Tower, a chocolate museum, a bunch of palaces and naked statues. I really liked the Notre Dam and the Lock Bridge, and I had a pigeon on my head!



  French cuisine is supposed to be amazing, so in Paris we tried some French Onion Soup and some pasta. It was definitely my FAVOURITE part of Paris and probably one of the best meals I’ve had in Europe.

After Paris we went to Lyon, which we loved! It was so beautiful and had less mobs of tourists, and cleaner as well. Our wonderful hostel was up a very steep hill, but the view was worth it. We tried some random food downtown, and although mine was great, we learned that if a French person says something is “cold meat”, it means RAW. Becca survived and even liked the first 4 pieces. After that my own disgusted experience and probably the realization of what she was eating caught up to her.

We also met our first Christian in Lyon, which was so awesome and encouraging!!!

Nice (pronounced neece) was next, and it was super nifty nice. The hostel we wanted was full so we stayed at a VERY shady looking hostel. The reception guy was so nice and helpful though, and God blessed us with really good sleeps in spite of the raging pub outside and partying roommates.

The best part of Nice was the ocean, which was so gorgeous and so warm and so salty. The worst part of Nice was European men’s swimwear.

Random France things….

-PDA is rampant. I mean, uncomfortably rampant.

-The cities we visited all smell like pee.

-Eye contact is normal, lots and lots of eye contact. 

-Picking your nose in public isn’t a big deal.

-All the hostels we stayed at had unisex showers and bathrooms, which is strange.

-Everywhere, but especially in Paris, the drivers are maniacs, there are tons of insane bicyclers and motorcycles, and pedestrians don’t follow traffic lights. It’s kind of a stressful mess, definitely something to get used to.

Okidoki, that’s it from France! Italy is up next. 😀


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