Backpacking is an interesting experience, especially as a Christian. The majority of backpackers travel in order to experience night life in different cities and drink a lot and see some sights.

At one hostel we were at this week, the girl at the front desk told us, “WHEN you get back past midnight, make sure you have your key…” We smiled, nodded, and laughed about it later, because we have been sleeping by 10pm and getting up at 7am. We have spent 5 days in Germany, and I have to say it has been good, but also different than I expected.


-It’s been a learning experience spending constant time with my best friend. Up until now, our relationship has been mainly camp, where you have only moments together, Skype, and random weekends. So we have been learning more about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I definitely didn’t expect it, but it is really cool to get to know someone in a different way.  
-Up until now, I have only ever been on big trips that have been planned for me… Mostly missions trips or family vacations. So now having the complete freedom to go where we want, stay where we want, do what we want… It’s a lot of decisions, and it can seem to be overwhelming. No matter how much planning you do ahead of time, there is always unforeseen stuff coming up.

-In the five days we have been here, we have only heard a small handful of English speakers. Whenever it happens, we feel familiar joy!

-We have observed a huge amount of French speaking people here in Germany.

-We are averaging 4-5

 hours of walking a day.

-The streets are so insane. Not only are they not straight, have crazy long unpronounceable names, and often start off as one name and then change into another name. We get turned around so easily here!

-All the stores have English pop songs playing, and not always are they good ones.


-The first city we stopped in Germany was Freiburg. It was a good city for us to start with, because it was smaller, slower, and it didn’t take us a long time to find our hostel. We went for an amazing stroll by a scenic little river, and then had some overpriced icecream. We tried to find a place to eat, and, seeing the word “pizza”, confidently walked into what we thought was a restaurant. We realized quickly it was not a cute little restaurant, it was a smokey, sketchy bar, with only a table full of old men playing cards. Needless to say, we took our pizza to go, and enjoyed it in our first and only private room so far at the cute little hostel.

-We spent most of Monday at Europapark, and it was SO FUN. We probably got in about 8 or 9 rides, which was good seeing as the lineups were quite long.

-We spent two nights in Frankfurt at a very nice and noisy hostel. The sleep was terrible but the free breakfast was wonderful. We had a great day walking everywhere and saw a lot of beautiful buildings, street performers, weird human statues, and homeless people. Becca has like 200 pictures of flowers from the botanic gardens that we toured.

  (So many camo trees… But I can’t see them)

-On Wednesday we visited the Bach Haus in Eisenach, which I loved. We wanted to stay in Eisenach, but the hostel was full, so we moved on to Koln, another big city. We got lost a bunch but finally found a nice hostel, which turned out being only 5 minutes from the train station.
-The second day in Koln was a day to rest, relax, do laundry, and figure out trains in France, since we found out you have to reserve them all. My favorite memory of the day would have to be eating a GIANT MOUNTAIN of frozen yogurt and laughing in a park for about an hour. I wore shorts all day despite the fact that the locals were bundled up in fall fashionable trench coats and scarves and boots. I am Canadian, I after all.


 And that concludes the Germany part of the trip. Tune in next time for France!


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  1. Betty Warkentin · October 2, 2015

    Thanks for the tour. Praying for your fun and safety.


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