Hello friends!
So I have been in Switzerland for just about a week, and everything has been INSANELY AMAZING!! 

Yesterday me and Becca traveled on confusing trains into Germany, but for now here are some of my observations and things that I have learned from my time in Switzerland. And some pictures to illustrate.

-Canada could learn from all the quaint buildings and smooth roads

-There is NO garbage anywhere!

-There are nuts in everything! Even cheese and meat. Poor Becca has had a bunch of minor allergic reactions, but if you could send some prayers her direction that would be cool.

-Switzerland has won the gene pool lottery! Everywhere there are guys that inspire heartfelt praise to God in our hearts.

-Since the roads are so windy, dangerous, and narrow, people have to be good drivers… Or die. Literally. 

 -Two days ago Becca’s Grampa took us up a mountain. What came to mind was what if I was up there enraptured by a puny flower, when all I have to do is look up to see a gorgeous mountain landscape? God taught me that sometimes I do that with Him. I get so caught up on the small picture, when He has so much better in store… He says, “look up!”

 -I am so glad Canada is not so OCD. In the province we stayed in, there are laws about how clean your car has to be. (VERY clean.) There is a law that says If you renovate or build a house it has to be traditionally Swiss looking. (Which looks cool, though.) And everyone is very prim and proper and polite. Consequently, that is what Becca likes about Switzerland. 

-It sucks when you are socializing with people you can’t socialize with. I have probably only learned about 5-6 German phrases so far but I am trying.

-It is weird but fun to be able talk about literally anything in front of the hoards of people that know not a lick of English 🙂

-There are bells on cows and in towers, and it is melodious and wonderful!



  1. Evelyn · September 22, 2015

    Keep the updates coming! Love reading about the things you girls are experiencing! God be with you as you travel!


  2. Ron · September 22, 2015

    So glad you two are having a fun filled glorious amazing time! The pics look incredible! May you keep seeing God in your everyday coming and goings, and may you know joy abundant in your day today my greatest daughter and to our greatest “adopted” daughter!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tracy · September 22, 2015

    -“Switzerland has won the gene pool lottery! Everywhere there are guys that inspire heartfelt praise to God in our hearts.”

    Crushing on all the Swiss men are we?! 😉
    Hahaha that’s hilarious.
    Love the pictures and, the roads ARE crazy narrow aren’t they 😳

    Have a blast! To see different lands and cultures is amazing, especially when you connect with fellow Christians along the way and enlarge your “family” of God. Looking forward to hearing all your insights.


  4. ravineadventures · September 24, 2015

    Hello over there… It sounds like you are not enjoying yourself’s at all LOL..
    Beautiful pictures and great comments too. Continue seeing God in everything you are experiencing. We are very glad you two have a great time and we pray for you everyday Love you oodles the saskatchewaniens from the “flat prairies”


  5. Brenda · September 26, 2015

    Thanks for a little taste of your adventure.


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