The Mirror

When I gaze in the mirror
I have bipolar reactions;
One day I can smile with confidence
And on another turn away with disgust.
The thought that echoes and swirls,
The idea that haunts me and whirls, is
“Why can’t I be beautiful?”
Beauty… what is it really?
It’s a body type, a hair style
perfect facial features, and a flat stomach.
Or is it something more?
Something beyond what no woman can control?
Sure, liposuction, dieting, working out and makeovers
produces fuller, thinner, more toned, done up…
…but even that fades with age.
It’s a mask
Beauty… the barbie kind… doesn’t last.
Never will. Never does. Never has.
When I glance in The Mirror…
Did you know God’s Word is a mirror?
…When I open it up, on every page I see me.
What I see in God’s Mirror is something mind-blowing…
The Bible says that despite EVERYTHING,
I am beautiful
See, when He created me
He inscribed in me intrinsic value.
Not dependent on my shape, size,
what I do or don’t do,
what I’ve done or what I’ve gone through.
The Mirror says that me,
the base me, the inner me, the ugly me
The me without any clothes, makeup, hairstyle
Anything that makes me feel valuable…
I am worth God’s very breath
and His death
Jesus loves me.
I heard it every day growing up.
I thought I believed it, but
Somehow I keep forgetting to look in The Mirror.
I turn instead to this cheap substitute on the wall
That tells me I’m not the fairest of them all…
Why do I listen?


Jesus loves me.
Jesus… the King, the Crafter of the Universe
the Creator of All,
says He is enthralled…
by Me!
What does this mean?
It means Jesus, who created sunsets and beaches,
Majestic mountains and northern lights
Gorgeous galaxies, and every plant, flower, and animal on earth,
Is not held spellbound by them.
He is fascinated by me
He calls me His masterpiece
Jesus loves me this I know.
This truth has finally hit my heart.
It’s left its mark.
Jesus loves me.
Not because of me
Because of Him.
“Listen, daughter, and pay careful attention:
Forget your people and your father’s house
The King is enthralled by your beauty;
honor Him, for He is your Lord.”
Psalm 45:10-11


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