7 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming an Adult

First off… am I even an adult?

Points for: I’m graduated. I’ve lived on my own for two years. I own a car. I pay bills. I have 2 jobs. I pay taxes.

Points against: I name everything (my car is Clark, my house is Pablo, my phone is Napolea, and my nose is Gary). I keep in close touch with my parents. I am extremely immature at times (I still laugh when anyone says “duty”). I know absolutely nothing about politics. I don’t drink coffee.  I have been known to play with my food. And I definitely went home the last time I was sick so my mom could take care of me.

Now you realize that I am coming at this from a “barely adult” point of view, but here are some things I have learned since becoming an adult…

1. I can do what I want.

Okay, that sounds flippant. But what I mean is I LOVE the freedom I have now. I set my own schedule. I can decide where to go. No more curfew. No parental rules. (Side note for Mom and Dad: I love you both.) It is really great.

2. Free is fabulous.

My goodness, when you pay your own bills and insurance and car payments and groceries, you realize that free is a magical word from heaven above. If you want to give me free food -or anything- go ahead!!!

3. I am not perfect.

For some reason I had this puffed up idea of myself in high school… I had a “invincible” view of myself… like, I was home schooled and I have a Pastor for a Dad. I’m “spiritually mature”! HA. It’s taken some major mess ups and humbling moments to realize that I am not perfect… I need God in my life every hour and every moment. I also need people who are wiser than me to help along the way. It’s a lesson worth learning.

4. If you don’t do the dishes, no one will.

I have always abhorred doing the task, but something I hate even more is spending an hour and a half doing the entire week’s dishes every Saturday… I guess I haven’t really learned this lesson yet.

5. Reality is better than fake stuff.

I remember getting Facebook when I was 13 and an iphone when I was 16. Primarily ’cause I wanted to fit in, and it kinda consumed me for a while. I’ve realized since then that real conversations and real life is SO much better than scrolling and texting.

6. I am even more of a thrift shopper / sale shopper now… like my mother.

I laugh when I hear the youth talking about buying $60 sweaters or $50 sunglasses. When you grow up, you get a different view of money and how to spend it. I think to myself when buying a $15 item…”there goes an hour”. I always sorta laughed at my mom for watching for sales at the grocery store… now I do too!

7. Last and craziest of all… I am now OLD.old

Since I work with youth, I sometimes forget that I am not a teenager anymore. I can no longer walk up to a group of kids at the park and not get creeped out or suspicious looks. I am no longer a 15 year old girl’s “friend”… I’m her “older mentor/friend”. I have asked kids how old they think I am, and answers will range from 20-38. In my brain, that seems elderly. And at airports I am now “miss” or “ma’am”. Mind blowing, I know.

Honestly, being an adult is great so far. I’m sure 10 years from now I will have a lot more (perhaps wiser) things to say about the topic.

Now I’m off to go eat popcorn and icecream for supper! 😀


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